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Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers

The past 2015 was a very difficult year for me and the Homepage of WINGS-AVIATION. In my main Job I was confronted with a huge workload which was not maintainable with the personnel resources we had. Unfortunately this workload could only be handled by doing excessive overtime. Therefore the resources for WINGS-AVIATION were extremely limited, also considering the reduced Staff of WINGS-AVIATION.

WINGS-AVIATION didn’t make the progress in 2015 that I expected and which I think is necessary.

For 2016 the situation looks far brighter. The workload is now down to a manageable level and more time is again available for WINGS-AVIATION.

The first report, from Urs Schnyder, will  feature the South African Air Force Museum flying days at Zwartkop Air Base. The second report comes from Thailand, here Chakrit Samithian was able to visit see a small Air Show of the RTAF at Khorat Air Base, and - even more interesting - a live firing exercise at Chaibadan. Guido Bühlmann will publish the third part of his Antonov AN-2 anthology.

For the summer of 2016 we will visit the Air Show at La Ferté in France and some Air Shows in the UK.
It's the goal of WINGS-AVIATION for 2016 to again present the readers with interesting information about Aviation.

Sincerely    Michael E. Fader




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