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As a former member of the Swiss Armed Forces I hat the opportunity to take pictures at the military airfield of Bouchs. This Airfield was the primary Mirage Base in Switzerland. 

But in Buochs its also the Pilatus Aircraftmanufacter. At the 1st May 1991 was the rollout of the very first PC-12.

Als ehemaliger Angehöriger der Schweizer Armee hatte ich die Gelegenheit auf dem Militärflugplatz von Bouchs einige Bilder zu schiessen. Buochs war die Mirage-Basis in der Schweiz.

Doch in Buochs sind auch die Pilatus-Werke beheimatet. Am 1. Mai 1991 fand der Rollout des ersten PC-12 statt.

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Taken inside the Hangar short before the official roll out in Stans near Bouchs.

Roll out of the very first  PC-12, wich is consideriable differnt from the PC-12 aircraft of today. New Wing and new elekrtonic and most of the parts. 


JATO (not Nato) also Jet Assisted Take Off where as seldom and very spectacular event in the Swiss Air Force (SAF). As a member of the SAF I hade the pleasure to see often such a take off. 

Mirage IIIS J-2329 with an special external store called "charge nucleaire" but it was an ordinary fueltank

Dassault Mirage IIIS C70


Dassault Mirage IIIRS C70

Dassault Mirage IIIS





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