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Ilyushin 96; Tupolev 214; Antonov 124 und Antonov 12 …
… ein „Stelldichein“ der Russen am Euro-Airport-Basel

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Andreas Herzog


Andreas Herzog, Paul Bannwarth


Sunday, 7. April 2013


Quite unexpectedly, and nowhere listed on any schedule, honored us early Sunday afternoon, three Russian VIP aircrafts at the Euro Airport in Basel. 
It started the VIP Boeing B737-7HD (BBJ), VP-BNZ by the Russian airline Gazpromavia that belongs to the company JSC GAZPROM of Russia and was founded in 1995. Gazpromavia operates mainly from Vnukovo airport near Moscow. On their national and international destinations mainly Boeing 737, Dassault Falcon 900, Tu-154M and Yakolev Yak-40/42 are used for flight operations. The company also operates a substantial fleet of over 100 helicopters of the type Mil-2, Kamov Ka-26 Mil-8/17 to support its own oil and gas industry. 

The "top highlight" of this Sunday was certainly the unofficial, short visit of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, including delegation to the EAP. As usual, President Putin came with the "Air Force ONE", an Ilyushin IL-96-300PU, RA-96016 operated by Rossiya’s government fleet. 

A little later there was another aircraft landing in the form of Rossiya Tupolev Tu-214-SUS, RA-64522 of the Russian government, probably with other delegation members. The reason for this three-hour short visit is unknown, but it may be assumed that the government-members were visiting another VIP-aircraft at one of the local aircraft outfitters at Basel Airport.
(Editor's note, Andy Herzog, Wings Aviation) 

In addition to their daily airline business with aircrafts such as A319/320, An-148 and B767-300ER, Rossiya operates also the state government fleet of Russia, including several An-148, Dassault Falcon 7X, Il-62M, IL-96-300, Tu-134, Tu-154, Yak-40 and Tu-204/214. The headquarters of the company, which belongs to one hundred percent of the Russian government, are located in St. Petersburg. An important hub for Rossiya is the Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg. In the late afternoon the RA-96016 and RA-64522 left Basel in direction to Hanover where President Vladimir Putin together with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the Hanover Trade Fair. This year, Russia is the main guest at the Hanover Trade Fair.


Boeing B737-7HD BBJ, VP-BNZ Gazpromavia of Russia on final approach to the EAP (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Approach of the second aircraft of the Russian delegation, a Tupolev Tu-214-SUS with a visible hump on top of the fuselage, probably including communication systems.(Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Departure of President Vladimir Putin on ROSSIYA’s Ilyushin IL-96-300PU, RA-96016 to Hannover, meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Im Anflug die zweite Maschine der russischen Delegation, eine Tupolev Tu-214-SUS RA-64522 mit sichtbarem Buckel auf dem Rumpf der wohl Kommunikationssysteme beinhaltet. (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)




Monday, 8. April 2013


It was supposed to be a quiet day. The only announced special guest was a A340-200, F-RAJA operated by Cotam (Republique Française) on its way from Paphos, Cyprus to Paris CDG, which appeared more or less on time. Enclosed a picture of the sister aircraft by Cotam (Republique Française) the A340-200, F-RAJB. (This picture was taken by the author on the 25th August 2012.) 

But there was another surprise on this day!
Once again, no mention on any schedule, appeared in the early evening a Antonov An-124-100, RA-82077 operated by Polet-Flight, at the EAP. Left at the French Air Force Base "Istre Le Tube" near Marseilles, the An-124 continued on the same evening their flight to Moscow-Sheremetyevo. Polet Flight from Russia operates next to a passenger fleet  (An-148, Tu-134A, 340B, Saab, Saab 2000 and BAe 125-800), a fleet of freighters such as the An-124-100 (4) An-30A (2) and IL-96T (3)


Image of the sister aircraft of Cotam (Republique Française) an A340-200, F-RAJB, here at take-off with military units to French Guiana.  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Arriving from Istre Le Tube (F) this Antonov An-124-100 of Polet Flight gently touch down on runway 15 at the EAP. A real giant! (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Dienstag, 9. April 2013


Based at the Poltava Airport in Ukraine, on Tuesday evening, the Antonov An-12, UR-CAH of the freight company Meridian appeared on a humanitarian mission at the Euro Airport and stayed overnight to load cargo.
With several tons of urgently needed medicines, the UR-CAH flew the following morning towards Damascus, Syria. 

Meridian, with its small fleet of An-12 and An-26 was often to be found at the EAP, as well as with the UR-DWF pictured in July 2011 on a cargo flight from Basel to Tripoli in Libya.


Picture of Meridian’s Antonov An-12BP UR-DWF on a cargo flight to Tripoli, Libya. Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Weitere, interessante Besucher in dieser Woche waren:


Saturday, 13. April 2013

  Airbus A319 Bundesrepublik Deutschland 15+02 (Picture courtesy Paul Bannwarth) MIL Mi 8MTC-1 RA-25755  (Picture courtesy Paul Bannwarth)




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