EBACE 2014 Geneva
  And the winner is...


Andreas Herzog


Andreas Herzog


This year probably Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. was the winner of all of participants at the show with a true "order flow" for the PC-24 Jet. The sales figures in the first two days are similar to those of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer or Canadair to similar events such as Dubai, Singapore, Le Bourget, the ILA Berlin and Farnborough. However, there were other "highlights" who want to be mentioned. But more on that in the following report from Geneva.

Impressions of the exhibition

Those responsible for the EBACE 2014 show very pleased with this year's edition. The outdoor area (static display) was fully booked with 55 pitches!
The exhibition space in the halls decreased by 4% to 479 exhibitors. With around 13,200 trade visitors, the EBACE 2014 increased by 7% in visitors. Once again numerous Russian oligarchs and corporate visited the events in Geneva; followed by many companies, but also private customers from Turkey. Many innovative manufacturers were able to present their products to customers and visitors.
Like last year, the trend in lower operational costs, such as the use of new materials, latest engines and technologies for fuel reduction was shown again in this edition. Unbroken also reflects the need of the "Aircraft-sharing". Global companies such as NetJet, Comlux or Jet Aviation offer interested customers the possibility to rent a business jet or to purchase in "timeshare" or lease for their needs. A trend that continues for some time.


Aerial view of the static display at Geneva Airport (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Pratt & Whitney dependable engines, one of the leading companies worldwide (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

New Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopter  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

New Bell 420 helicopter, shown here at the EBACE show in Geneva  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog) 


Piaggio Avanti EVO, New Generation

Piaggio showed on their stand the latest development of the Avanti turboprop; Avanti EVO. Latest technology in the cockpit with an up-graded flight management system; and new engine technology and so-called "winglets" on the wings, should bring this turboprop in the middle class certainly to success. Long-term experience with the previous models will probably confirm this assumption. First deliveries to customers expected to take place in 2015.

  Genf-55.jpg (85724 Byte) Genf-54.jpg (70860 Byte)    

Model of the new Piaggio Avanti EVO turboprop  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

In-flight impression of the new Piaggio Avanti EVO (Copyright by Piaggio)

In-flight impression of the new Piaggio Avanti EVO (Copyright by Piaggio)


Gulfstream: measure of all things

Based in Savannah, Georgia, USA Gulfstream Corp., a division of General Dynamics Company, showed up at EBACE with the full range of aircrafts. Starting with the G150 & G280 (both formerly IAI, Israel Aircraft Industries), over the G450, G550 and the legendary G650, were all jets lined up on the tarmac. Even the prototype, the G650ER was present at family gatherings. On the G650ER lay, of course, the hopes of the company at it’s nevertheless „Ultra-range" of 7,500 nautical miles (13'890 miles) the G650ER is the scale of all things under business jets in this category.
Equipped with the latest cockpit technology and two fuel-efficient Rolls Royce BR700-725 engines it would certainly encounter with the customers interest on the G650ER; although the list price will be around $ 65 million!
A photographic tour in all Jets confirmed my expectations! First deliveries of the G650ER are planned for 2015. With more than 14'000 employees, Gulfstream delivered in recent decades more than 2,200 aircraft’s to customers around the world. A truly successful story!

  Genf-56.jpg (77830 Byte) Genf-57.JPG (112138 Byte)  

Gulfstream family at Savannah head-plant, G150, G280, G450, G550 and G650  (Copyright by Gulfstream Corp.)

Cockpit of the Gulfstream G550 (Copyright by Gulfstream Corp.)

Gulfstream G550 Cabin  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Gulfstream G550 luxurious lavatory (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Beautiful silhouette of the Gulfstream jets (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Gulfstream G450 Cabin (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Cabin layout of the Gulfstream G450. Note the large windows (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Cockpit view of the G280; formerly Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Gulfstream G280 Cabin (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Gulfstream G150 Cockpit view (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Boeing BBJ

The presence of Boeing this year at the static display was limited to only one aircraft of the Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi (A6-RJY). The appearance in the halls/stand was all the more another highlight. So Boeing BBJ showed the entire inventory of business jets as models at their stand, like the B737 family, the B787 and the B747-8I were represented as impressive models. A little tour with photographic impressions in the A6 RJY I could still take at the end of the day.


This reception desk was build out of a BBJ Winglet. What a good idea! (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Luxurious cabin layout of a Boeing 737BBJ, A6-RJY of Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Luxurious cabin layout of a Boeing 737BBJ, A6-RJY of Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Luxurious cabin layout of a Boeing 737BBJ, A6-RJY of Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Airbus ACJ

Airbus ACJ was once more represented with an A319-115 (ACJ), OE-LGS on the static display. But the innovative intentions Airbus showed, however, only at the Airbus stand in the exhibition halls. The whole range of ACJ jets such as the A318, A319, A320, A321, A350 and A380 could be seen as detailed models. A charming hostess of Airbus sought a dialogue with me and grabbed me with a bag full of advertising material. Our contact is maintained.
More than 170 Airbus corporate jets have been delivered worldwide. Of these, 110 A318, A319, A320 and A321; including an A319-115 (LR), VH-VHD of Skytraders from Australia which, among other destinations, serves the stations of the Antarctic missions. In addition, more than 60 Wide-Body Aircraft's were delivered to various governments and other private customers around the world.

  Genf-48.jpg (81153 Byte) Genf-53.jpg (100193 Byte)  

Airbus A318, OE-LUX of Tyrolean Jet Services (Picture courtesy  Andreas Herzog)

Family of Airbus corporate jets at the stand (Picture courtesy  Andreas Herzog)

Airbus widebody concept studies for large and luxurious cabins, mainly used by governments and global companies (Copyright by Airbus SAS)

  Genf-37.JPG (113930 Byte) Genf-35.JPG (77501 Byte)

Airbus A318 production line at Toulouse  (Copyright by Airbus SAS)

Airbus A319 ACJ Sharklet during take-off to a test-flight (Copyright by Airbus SAS)

Improved new Airbus EC-135 helicopter   (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Cockpit view of the Airbus EC-135 helicopter  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Bombardier Global 7000

At the EBACE 2014 Bombardier showed in Hall 6 for the first time the mock-up of the Global 7000; a further development of the Global 6000; but with significantly, greater body length and revised technologies. The latest version of the Global 8000 is ready to introduce to customers in the near future. Innovative ambitions in the business jet sector; however, dampen the optimism at the time of Bombardier company regarding the massive technical problems and the authorizations of the new CS-100, also 30 aircrafts have been ordered by SWISS to replace the elderly Avro RJ100 in their fleets.


Cabin Mock-up of the Bombardier Global 7000, the next generation  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)




Aerion AS2: Supersonic Business Jet of the future?

Concept study of the supersonic business jet AS2  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

As in 2013 Aerion Corporation of Reno, Nevada was represented with its latest supersonic study at one of the stands at the EBACE. Compared to last year, the concept study now shows a three-engine jet with extended cabin in larger diameter; what potential customers have requested. According to the manufacturer, the range is now 4,750 NM (8'800km.) The maximum speed (over sea level) reaches Mach 1.4. The list price is around $ 100 million. First aerodynamic test in the Aeronautical Laboratory at the University of Washington were successful. Until now Aerion Corp. Has invested approx. $ 100 million in this project.
Own marketing studies show a requirement of about 600 aircraft over the next 20 years. Talks with potential investors are in progress but not yet confirmed. Experienced analysts and aviation experts are more likely to conduct towards the company statements and see the company's ambitions to euphoric.

Dassault Aviation

Genf-67.jpg (96420 Byte)

New Falcon 8X prototype in-flight over Dubai City (Dassault Aviation)

The spectrum of Dassault's business jet is well known to most readers. So Dassault showed in an impressive MediaShow their customers the newest product: the Falcon F8X, a ultra long-haul jet which can compete anytime with its competitors. Again, the most modern technologies are used. First deliveries to customers will take place in the upcoming weeks and month.

  Genf-61.jpg (68830 Byte) Genf-68.jpg (102618 Byte) Genf-72.jpg (100720 Byte)  

Falcon 900LX F-GLYD, Falcon 2000S F-WWJQ and the Falcon 7X F-WWVR in close in-flight formation (Dassault Aviation)

Model of the new Dassault Falcon 8X; an ultra long haul Business jet (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Cockpit view of a Falcon 7X (Dassault Aviation)


Medvac lay-out by a Falcon 2000S (Dassault Aviation)


And the winner is … Pilatus PC-24 Jet

Nach dem letztjährigen Auftritt von Pilatus an der EBACE-2013 mit dem ersten “Mock-up” des PC-24 waren wohl alle Augen der Journalisten auf die diesjährige Präsentation von Pilatus fokussiert. Das gleiche „Mock-up“ des PC-24 war am Stand präsent; allerdings öffneten sich am ersten Tag der Messe auch die Bestellbücher für den Kauf des PC-24 Jets; gezeigt auf einem aktualisierten LCD-Display über dem Stand.

In nur 1½ Tagen konnte Pilatus die erste Produktionslinie von 84 Flugzeugen vollständig verkaufen. Darunter befinden sich Kunden wie: Peter Brabeck (CEO der Nestlé AG), The Royal Flying Doctors (4),  Plane Sense Inc. USA (6), Jetfly Luxembourg (4), Western Aircraft USA (5),  KCAC Retail USA (5), Skytech INC. USA (5), Tempus Aircraft USA (5), Epps Aviation USA (5), Pro Star USA (5), Syner Jet Corp. Brazil & Venezuela (3) u.v.m.
Viele dieser Kunden setzen bereits seit einigen Jahren das bewährte Muster PC-12 in ihren Flotten ein. Somit ist die erste Produktionsrate des PC-24 bis 2019 ausgelastet und verkauft. Ich konnte zudem erfahren, dass der Rollout des PC-24 am 01. August 14 ein freudiges Ereignis sein wird auf das sich alle Mitarbeiter, aber auch die Öffentlichkeit freuen darf, denn jeder ist dazu eingeladen; ist dieses Datum doch auch unser Nationaler Feiertag. Der Erstflug des PC-24 wird im ersten Quartal 2015 erwartet.

  Genf-58.jpg (100614 Byte) Genf-60.jpg (70931 Byte)

In only 2 days Pilatus sold 84 PC-24 Jets to customers around the world. (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Cockpit section of the PC-24 Mock-up at the EBACE fair (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Computer animated image of a PC-24 during take-off at Samedan Airport, Engadin  (Picture courtesy Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG)

Computer animated image of a PC-24 Cabin (Picture courtesy Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG) 

Weitere Besucher der EBACE

Nebst all den grossen Namen der Hersteller zeigten sich auch Embraer, Cessna, Eclipse Aviation so wie Tyrolean Jet Service, um nur einige zu nennen, mit ihren Produkten an der diesjährigen Ausgabe an allererster Front. Der Markt ist in Bewegung und kommende Messen werden wohl immer wieder die neusten Trend und Inovationen zeigen.


Aerial view of the static display at Geneva Airport (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

New generation of tow-tractors, used for business jets (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Come together of Cessna’s business jets at the stand  (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)

Bruce Dickinson of the heavy metal band IRON MAIDEN is now partner of Aeris Aviation Ltd. the whole retailer of the ECLIPSE 500T & 550 jet in Europe. (Picture courtesy Andreas Herzog)


Eine sicherlich interessante Ausgabe der EBACE in diesem Jahr. Highlight und „Winner“ dieses Jahres war Pilatus mit den überwältigen Bestellungen für den PC-24 Jet. Ein gelungener Auftakt in die neue Messesaison 2014. Weitere Events werden sicherlich folgen.  

In diesem Sinne freuen wir uns auf die nächste EBACE vom 19. – 21. Mai 2015



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Written 30. May 2014


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