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For about a year the Dewoitine D-26 HB-RAG hadn’t taken to the air.  After the disastrous landing at Wittinsburg BL where it overturned it wasn’t airworthy any more.

The company Mobile Air Service situated at Bex could repair the damage to the wing and fin which luckily turned out to be light. During the landing the wing leading edge was dented by about 50 cm and had to be replaced. The fin was crushed and had to be readjusted. It was also necessary to procure a new propeller. It is not painted grey like the old one was, but only varnished wood. This is more in keeping with an aircraft from 1931.

Paul Misteli, chief pilot of the Dewoitine D-26 is full of praise for the new propeller. Because of a different pitch it hasn’t got as much pulling power on takeoff but it permits higher speeds without bringing the engine to the limit of its performance. In addition a new wireless unit was installed. 



Dewoitine D-26

Vorstand des Hangar 31

Paul Wermelinger RUAG & Paul Misteli


Das neue Zielfernrohr

Paul Misterli & Peter Brotschi


Die Auspuffanlage

Vertreter der RUAG

Adrian Heer, RUAG

Peul Misteli bei der Kontrolle

Another problem that the Dewoitine had, could be solved with the help of RUAG. Ever since the present organization, Hangar-31 took over HB-RAG there were problems with the exhaust system. After every flight at least one hole was burnt into the exhaust. The system had reached the end of its life.

The apprentices of RUAG the successor company of the original manufacturer, the Eidgenössischen Konstruktionswerkstätte Thun, later known as Flugzeugwerke Emmen, took on the challenge. As Adrian Heer who is education responsible for industrial and equipment construction at RUAG explained, old skills like cold forming of metal had to be relearned and used to manufacture the exhaust system. The new parts will secure the continued operation of the Dewoitine D-26 for the next couple of years. On the 3rd of August during the presentation to the press, a telescopic sight was presented to Paul Misteli the chief pilot. This long missing part of the plane had been a long standing wish of his.



Paul Misteli im Cockpit


With a short display above the airfield of Grenchen Paul Misteli showed the Dewoitine D-26 once more in the air. This year the Dewoitine D-26 will still be displayed at the MIFAS of the Anitque Aeroplane Association at Yverdon and at the Breitling Sion Air Show.



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Written 8. August 2017


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