Aviation Museums of the world

Aircraft are here to fly, but after years of service most of them are been scrapped parted into their individual elements. Only a few make it into one of the many aviation-museums around the world. With varying degrees of success there trying to preserve the unique history of aviation. We do not want to say that the history of aviation there is alive, because the museums are far from being alive, just a "museum". The machines are often outdoors and time and weather are ravages them. Once lovingly maintained aircraft and helicopters now rotten in the hot midday sun. 

What is especially annoying is the fact that many of these machines will be exhibited in fantasy paintings, although the knowledge is documented and available. A great pity! Not only lack of space, often misunderstood, and especially financial support complicate the curators her labor of love, which accelerates the decay of this unique witnesses.  

There are only a few museums that manage to preserve history. These certainly include the Aircraft and Flab museum in Dübendorf (CH) and the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon. (UK). As nice as the California sun may be, it harms the aircraft as well as the harsh winter in Russia. 

WINGS-AVIATION has set itself the goal to have a closer look at some of this fantastic museum’s and there unique flying machine’s.


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