CVE-23 USS Breton .
CVE-23 USS Breton


Bogue Class


Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp.

Tacoma Washington

Laid down

25 February 1942


27 June 1942


12. April 1943

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign


NS San Diego CA
28. July 1948 - September 1948
West Pacific 
? ? 0
last update 26. October 2008


30. August 1946


History (short)

Throughout her World War II service, Breton operated with the Carrier Transport Squadron, Pacific Fleet. Her sailings carried her throughout the Pacific supplying men, materiel, and aircraft to units of the fleet engaged in making strikes on the enemy. While engaged in these duties, Breton took part in the capture and occupation of Saipan (11 June–10 August 1944); the Battle of the Philippine Sea (19–20 June); the 2nd Bonins raid (24 June); and the assault and occupation of Okinawa (6–7 April 1945).
Upon her return to the west coast in January 1946 after serving as a unit of the Far Eastern occupation forces, Breton prepared for inactivation at Tacoma, and went out of commission in reserve there on 30 August 1946. She was reclassified CVHE-23 on 12 June 1955. On 1 July 1958, she was redesignated as a utility carrier, CVU-23, and then again on 7 May 1959 as an aviation transport, T-AKV-42. Breton was put out of service in 1971 and stricken for disposal on 6 August 1972, where she was subsequently sold for scrap.

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