CVE-30 USS Charger .
CVE-30 USS Charger


Charger Class


Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.

Chester, Pennsylvania

Laid down

19 January 1940


1 March 1941


3. March 1942

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign



Mar. 1942 - Nov. 1945   Measures 22

NS Norfolk VA

March 1942 - September 1945

CTraining ship in Chesapeake Bay

Charger's area of operations throughout the war was Chesapeake Bay, and her duty the basic task of training pilots and ships' crews in carrier operations. Men trained on her decks played an important role in the successful contest for the Atlantic with hostile submarines carried out by the escort carrier groups. Reclassified ACV-30 on 20 August 1942, and CVE-30 on 15 July 1943, Charger left Chesapeake Bay for two ferry voyages, one to Bermuda in October 1942, and one to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in September 1945.

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NS Norfolk VA


15. March 1946

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