CVE-100 USS Bougainville  
CVE-100 USS Bougainville


Casablanca Class


Kaiser Shipbuilding Co. Inc.

Vancouver WA

Laid down



16 May 1944


18 June 1944

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign




NS Norfolk VA


3 November 1946


History (short)

On 25 July 1944, Bougainville departed San Diego and steamed to Pearl Harbor where on 1 August she reported to Commander, Carrier Transport Squadron, Pacific Fleet. For the rest of 1944, she transported aircraft to the Marshall, Admiralty, and Mariana Islands. Returning to San Diego on 22 December, she underwent a brief period of availability until 7 January 1945.
On 8 February 1945, Bougainville reported to Commander, Service Squadron 8, at Eniwetok and for the next six months provided replenishment throughout the Western Pacific to the various Task Groups (TGs) of Task Forces 58 and 38 (TFs 58 and 38). She rendezvoused with these groups at sea, delivering planes, replacement pilots and aircraft crews to the large fleet carriers. In February–March 1945, she carried out replenishment operations with TG 60.8 during the Iwo Jima operation. Until June, she provided vital logistic support to the units of the 5th and 3rd Fleets as they engaged in raids supporting the Okinawa operation.
In August, after a brief period of availability at San Diego, Bougainville returned to Pearl Harbor. During the remainder of the month, she transported aircraft between Pearl Harbor and the Marshalls and Marianas.
In September, she steamed to Okinawa, where she remained until getting underway on 6 October 1945 to deliver planes and occupation personnel to several Chinese ports. Returning to Okinawa on the 19th, she departed the following day for San Diego. At San Diego, she underwent a brief yard period until 28 November, and then made her final voyage to Pearl Harbor and Eniwetok. She returned to San Diego on 12 January 1946 and reported to the 19th Fleet for inactivation. She sailed from San Diego on 19 January en route to Port Angeles Wash., and then to Tacoma. Bougainville was placed out of commission in reserve there on 3 November 1946. She was reclassified CVU-100 on 16 June 1955.

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