US Navy Carrier Air Wings 1963 - 1999

Carrier Air Groups were retitled Wings on 20 December 1963, and CVG became CVW. Replacement Air Groups, which were set up in 1958, became Combat Readiness Air Groups on 1 April 1963. Popularly known by the short titles RAG and CRAG in the respective periods, their designation throughout was RCVG. When Groups became Wings, CRAG became CRAW and RCVG became RCVW. 

Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups, CVSG, were established on 1 April 1960. They were slowly phased out during the 1960s, and the last were disestablished on 30 June 1973. 

Two Reserve Carrier Air Wings were established and all carrier-type squadrons in the reserves were placed in these two wings. CVWR was the acronym assigned for the Reserve Carrier Air Wings. A similar organization was established for the Reserve Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups and assigned the acronym CVSGR. The implementation of these two reserve wings and groups did not take place until 1970.   


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