Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 77

 "Night Wolves"



18 November 1995 VAW-77 Established at NAS Atlanta GA.
9 March 2013 VAW-77 Disestablished at NAS Orleans LA



1995 - 2013

VAW-77 Deployments 
- - CVWR-20 E-2C AF 00
VAW-77 Commanding Officers 
CDR Dave Lindsey 18. November 1995 28. February 1997
CDR Claude Valliere 1. March 1997 31. August 1998
CDR Kevin Williamson 1. September 1998 January 2000
CDR Brain Cutchen January 2000 February 2001
CDR Gerald Bouts February 2001 June 2002
CDR John Winkler June 2002 December 2003
CDR David Sheckells December 2003 May 2005
CDR David Opatz May 2005 June 2006
CDR Stephen Cassetta June 2006 September 2007
CDR Steven Hartman September 2007 21 March 2008
CDR David Fritz 21 March 2008 present


VAW-77 Night Wolves was based at Naval Air Station Atlanta, comprise the U.S. Navy's only fully dedicated counter-narcotics squadron. VAW-77 Night Wolves work in tandem with Coast Guard and other federal law enforcement agencies to combine and coordinate operations of counter-narcotics forces. The E-2C Hawkeye squadron deploys four to five times a year to bases near known drug trafficking routes to help identify suspected drug smugglers. The squadron spends approximately four to five months per year forward deployed to bases near illegal drug traffic lanes. Because the squadron is a component of the Naval Reserve, a significant number of its men and women are Selected Reservists. They participate in the squadron's mission on a part-time basis because of their civilian commitments.


last update 22. February 2013

written 1. February 2010


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