Composite Squadron 10



23. September 1943 VC-10 established at NAS Sand Point, WA.
25. October 1945 VC-10 disestablished at NAAS Ventura County Airport, CA.




1943 - 1945



1943 - 1945
VC-10 Deployments 
1. May 1944 - 11 August 1944 CVE-73 USS Gambier Bay - FM-2, TBM-3 -
September 1944 - 25. October 1944 CVE-73 USS Gambier Bay - FM-2, TBM-3 -
August 1945 - 24. September 1945 CVE-70 USS Fanshaw Bay - FM-2, TBM-3 -
VC-10 Commanding Officers 
LT John R. Stewart, USNR 23. Sep. 1943 29. Sep. 1943
LCDR Edward J. Huxtable, Jr. 29. Sep. 1943 25. Oct. 1945


VC-10 was established as Composite Squadron TEN 23. September 1943 at NAS Sand Point in Seattle, Washington. It operated both fighters and torpedo bombers. The ceremony's presiding officer was LCDR G. L. Richard, CO of CASU 7, and the acting commanding officer was LT John R. Stewart, USNR. LCDR Edward J. Huxtable, Jr. took command of VC-10 the following week on 29 September 1943. Planes and material allowance for the squadron were drawn at Sand Point. On 5 April 1944, VC-10 was assigned as part of the air group for the escort carrier USS Gambier Bay. CVE-73 was a Casablanca class escort carrier and was sunk in the second Battle off Samar. At the time, the squadron had 195 men and 31 pilots assigned. After Gambier Bay's sinking the squadron operated for a time from fields on Leyte and from other carriers. With the Gambier Bay gone, most squadron members were sent back to the United States on leave, while some were transferred to other squadrons. In January 1945 the squadron was reconstituted at NAAS Ventura County Airport, California, LT Cleland S. Hathaway, USN acting commanding officer until the commanding officer; LCDR Huxtable, arrived on 14. January 1945. The squadron spent the remainder the war training in preparation for redeployment. It was disestablished with the end of the war.


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