Composite Squadron 86



18. January 1944 VC-86 Established at NAS
7. June 1945 VC-86 Disestablished at NAS




1943 - 1945





1943 - 1945


VC-86 Deployments 
November 1944 - December 1944 CVE-95 USS Bismarck Sea - FM-2, TBM-3 -
January 1945 - 21. February 1945 CVE-95 USS Bismarck Sea - FM-2, TBM-3 -
Top Row, L-R
M. Ginsburg, VT; A.J. Jones, VF; Lawton, VF; L. Wilson, VF; Dettloff, Supply Officer; C.A. Hart, VF; W.W. Beatty, VF (killed 17 Nov 1944); Masterson; G. Weber, VF; L.J. Sharp, VF; A. Pomarico, VT; H.H. Sandvig, VT; F. Kirkland, VT; R. Robinson, VT; A. Tomaszek, VT; Boulo VF; D.L. Forrester, Asst. Landing Signal Officer; Becker, VF;
Middle Row, L-R
J.H. Goad, VF; C. Hubert, VT; F.F. Fiedler, Radio Officer; E. Mills, Intelligence Officer; R. Perry, Squadron Doctor; J.J. Scott, Personel Officer; R. Chambers, VF; D. Schmidt, VT, Executive Officer (killed 21 Feb 1944); M. Lakin, VF, Squadron Commander; G. Dignan, VF (killed 21 Feb 1945); D. Severy, VT; F. Breux, VT; M.B. Harper, VT; H.D. Woods, VF; D. Edwards, VF; A.J. Hall, VF; 
Bottom Row, L-R
V.C. Giftos, VF; J.R. Mills, VF; J.L. Piersol, VF; R.M. Campbell, VF; A.A. Bargi, VF; L.A. Strain, VT; W. Brannon, VT; B.C. Spell, Landing Signal Officer; W. Head, VF; R.M. Hand, VF; C.P. Steinmetz, VT; J. Pfahnl, VT (killed unknown); J.C. Wouters, VF; J. Papadakis, VT; R. Easterbrook, VT (killed 14 Nov 1944)
VC-86 Commanding Officers 

LCdr. Benjamin Marshall Lakin

18. Jan 1944 Dec 44

Lt Darwin A. Schmidt  (KIA)

Dec 1944 21 Feb 1945
Lt D. Schmidt  assumed command when Lcdr. Lakin wounded in December 1944


Unit performed combat operations in and around Leyte in support of the operations (14.-23. November 1944) and later took part in the Lingayen Gulf landings (9.18. January 1945). On 16. February 1945, she arrived off Iwo Jima to support the invasion.  The hoast carrier CVE-95 USS Bismarck Sea sank by two kamakizees on 21. February 1945,


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