Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 364


"Purple Foxes"



1. September 1961 HMR(L)-364 Established at MCAS Santa Ana CA
1. February 1962 HMR(L)-364 was redesignated HMM-364
22. March 1971 HMM-364 Disestablished at MCAS El Toro
28. September 1984 HMM-364 Reestablished at MCAS Kanaohe Bay HI
9. October 2014 HMM-364 was redesignated VMM-364


1961 - 1971 YK
1984 - today PF



1961 - 1967
HUS-1 (CH-34D)



1967 - 1971



1984 - 2014



2014 - today
HML-364, HMM-364  Deployments 
- - - - -
HML-364, HMM-364  Commanding Officers 
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Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 was originally commissioned as Marine Light Helicopter Squadron 364 on September 1, 1961 at MCAF Santa Ana, California. In November 1961, it received its first Sikorsky H-34 helicopter and in February 1962, the designation of the squadron was changed to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 

In the spring of 1962, the squadron participated in Mid-Pacific operations to assist in recovering instruments that had been used in the atomic test program.

In November 1963, the squadron deployed to Okinawa and subsequently to Da Nang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam. The squadron served in Vietnam until July 1964.

Eight months later the squadron was back in South Vietnam, this time conducting operations, including operations with the Special Landing Force of the Seventh Fleet. HMM-364 remained in Vietnam until September 1966.

The squadron was then placed in cadre status at MCAS El Toro, California and consisted of three officers and 12 enlisted Marines. In March 1967, the squadron was reorganized and began receiving the new Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters. In October of that year, HMM-364 re-deployed to the Republic of Vietnam, initially at Phu Bai and eventually at Marble Mountain. During this tour HMM-364 participated in operations Osceola, Kentucky, Mameluke Thrust, and Hue City and finally in Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of Saigon. For almost half of its short 10-year existence, HMM-364 served in the Republic of Vietnam. During its three tours there, the squadron's pilots and crewmen flew almost 70,000 hours in combat and combat support missions and the squadron was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for meritorious conduct in the performance of duty.

During this time period the squadron adopted the "Purple Fox" name from a cartoon purple fox mascot called Swifty. On  22. March 1971, the squadron folded its colors and was decommissioned.


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