Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 769


"Heavy Haulers", "Roadhogs", "Titan"



15. April 1958 HMR-769 established at NAS Oakland CA
1. April 1962 HMR-769 was redesignated HMM-769
1. September 1971 HMM-769 was redesignated HMH-769
1. June 1980 HMH-769 was redesignated HMH-772 Det. A
1. April 1993 HMH-772 Det. A was redesignated HMH-769 
2. August 2008 HMH-769 disestablished at Edwards AFB CA


1958 - 1961 7F
1961 - 1971 6G
1969 - 1971 5G
1971 - 2008 MS



1958 - 1959



1959 - 1971
HUS-1 (CH-34D)
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1971 - 1980



1980 - 1996



1996 - 2008
HMR-769, HMM-769, HMH-769 Home Port Assignments
NAS Oakland CA 15. April 1958 1. April 1961
NAS Alameda CA 1. April 1961 1. May 1996
MCAS El Toro CA 1. May 1996 1. May 1999
Edwards AFB CA. 1. May 1999 2. August 2008
HMR-769, HMM-769, HMH-769 Deployments 
27. Nov. 1990 - ? Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia - - -
Mar. 1991 - Apr. 1991. "Southwest Asia" - - -
May 1991 LHA-1 USS Tarawa - - -
27. Jan. 2002 - ? Djibouti - - -
5. Jan. 2004 - ? Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan - - -
HMR-769, HMM-769, HMH-769 Commanding Officers 
? ? ?


HMH-769 was originally activated as Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron (HMR) 769 on April 15, 1958. Based at NAS Oakland, CA, HMR-769 flew the Piasecki HUP-2 Helicopter.  In April 1959, HMR-769 transitioned to and begun flying the Sikorsky built HSS-1 later called SH-34G. On 1. April 1961, HMR-769 was redesignated Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron HMM-769 and relocated to NAS Alameda, California in July of that same year.

The squadron continued to fly the H-34 until 1971 when it transitioned to the Sikorsky built CH-53A "Sea Stallion" and on 1. September 1971, was redesignated Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron HMH-769.

The squadron remained HMH-769 until 1. June 1980 when it was deactivated.
In 1980, the three Marine Reserve Heavy Helicopter Squadrons (HMH-769,-772,-777) were reorganized and one large squadron was formed. HMH-769 was deactivated and redesignated HMH-772 Det A. Det A was activated during the Gulf War (1990-91) and served with MAG-26. After the end of hostilities, HMH-772 Det A embarked aboard USS Tarawa as the heavy-lift element of MAG-50. While part of MAG-50, the "Roadhogs" took part in Operation Sea Angel, the Bangladesh disaster relief operation.

In 1993, the detachments were deactivated, and HMH-769 was reactivated.

In April 1990, HMH-772 Detachment A became the first Marine unit to transition to and fly the former minesweeper RH-53D. With its minesweeping gear removed, the RH-53D proved to be a powerful replacement to the aging CH-53A airframe.

On 27. November 1990 HMH-772 Det A was activated and deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of combat operations for Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm and served under Marine Aircraft Group 26. HMH-772 operated from Al Jubayl and the expeditionary combat base "Lonesome Dove" while supporting the assault.

Upon conclusion of hostilities in the Persian Gulf, HMH-772 Det A embarked aboard the LHA-1 USS Tarawa () for the return to CONUS. While en route, the Roadhogs were called upon to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) to the country of Bangladesh during Operation Sea Angel.

On 1 April 1993, HMH-772 Det A was redesigned as HMH-769. On1.  May 1996, the Roadhogs relocated from NAS Alameda to MCAS El Toro, California. On the 23. August 1996, HMH-769 received the first two of nine CH-53Es to replace the RH-53Ds.

On 1. May 1999, the Roadhogs relocated to Edwards Air Force Base located in Rosamond, California. The Roadhogs were activated for a third time on 27. January 2002 and deployed two aircraft and 17 Marines with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) to Djibouti in the Horn of Africa; detachment commanded by LtCol Jeff Freeman. This deployment marked the first time that a reserve squadron augmented an Active Forces MEU.

Activated for their final time on 5. January 2004, the Roadhogs commanded by LtCol Rick Mullen deployed in March of that same year to Bagram air base, Afghanistan for seven months in support of Combined Joint Task Forces 180/76 for Operation Enduring Freedom 4 and 5.

On 2. August 2008 at 1200, HMH-769 was deactivated at Edwards AFB.



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