812 Naval Air Squadron



3. April 1933 812 NAS formed from 461 Flight and 462 Flight
18. December 1942 812 NAS merging with 811 NAS
1. June 1944 812 NAS reformed at RNAS Stretton
12. August 1946 812 NAS disbanded at RNAS Lee-on-Solent
1. October 1946 812 NAS reformed at RNAS Eglinton
20. October 1953 812 NAS disbanded at RNAS Eglinton
7. November 1955 812 NAS reformed at RNAS Eglinton
13. December 1956 812 NAS disbanded at RNAS Lee-on-Solent










Dec 1936 - Dec 1942
Swordfish I & II



Jun 1944 - 19??
Barracuda II



19?? - 19??
Firyfly FR.1



19?? - 19??
Firefly FR.5



Nov. 1955 - Dec. 1956
Gannet AS.1
812 NAS Deployments 
21. February 1947 - 14. December 1947 HMS Theseus Firefly T 100
812 NAS Commanding Officers 
Lt-Cdr A. S. Bolt, RN Jun 1939  Apr 1940
Lt-Cdr N. G. R. Crawford, RN  Apr 1940 Sep 1940
Lt-Cdr W. E. Waters, DFC, RN Sep 1940 Nov 1941
Lt-Cdr G. A. L. Woods, RN Nov 1941 May 1942
Lt-Cdr B. J. Prendergast, RN May 1942 Dec 1942
Lt-Cdr (A) C. R .J. Coxon, RN Jun 1944 ?


At the outset of war, the squadron’s Swordfish were stationed at Dekheila, then sailed with her ship HMS Glorious to the Indian Ocean in search of enemy shipping, spending time in Ceylon and subsequently the Red Sea. On return to Malta and a refit in January 1940, the ship was recalled back to the UK for the German invasion of Norway.

The squadron was then disembarked to RAF North Coates with RAF Coastal Command and flew mining and bombing operations in coastal areas of Holland, Belgium, Germany and France, taking part in the defence of the Dunkirk evacuations.

In March 1941 the squadron left Coastal Command, a detachment of 6 Swordfish providing anti-submarine patrols for Gibraltar convoys from HMS Argus ferrying RAF fighters to Malta.

In July 1941 the entire squadron embarked for operations to attack the Arctic Port of Petsamo from HMS Furious, and this followed with further Malta convoy duties from HMS Furious, and from September in HMS Ark Royal.

Ark Royal was torpedoed in November 1941 and the squadron regrouped at North Front, Gibraltar where the squadron received the new ASV radar which was subsequently used to make the first night sinking of a U-Boat, U-451. Subsequently the squadron served briefly both on HMS Argus, and as shore based when 5 U-Boats were damaged.

In April 1942, the squadron returned to the UK on USS Wasp and rejoined Coastal Command in September for night operations in the English Channel. Finally merging with 811 NAS in December 1942.

In June 1944, the squadron reformed at RNAS Stretton as a Torpedo Bomber Reconnaissance (TBR) squadron with 12 Barracuda IIs. In January 1945 the squadron embarked on HMS Vengeance to the Mediterranean, sailing to join the British Pacific Fleet in July 1945 and not encountering any combat up till VJ-Day.


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