825 Naval Air Squadron



8. October 1934 824 NAS renumbered 825 NAS
13. November 1941 825 NAS ceased to exist with sinking of HMS Ark Royal
1. February 1942 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Lee-on-Solent
23. May 1945 825 NAS absorbed into 815 NAS
1. July 1945 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Rattray

January 1946

825 NAS transferred to the RCN
1. May 1951 825 NAS renumbered 880 NAS
12. June 1951 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Eglinton
10. December 1952 825 NAS disbanded in the UK
2. March 1953 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Lee-on-Solent
30. December 1954 825 NAS disbanded at RNAS Lee-on-Solent
4. July 1955 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Culdrose
7. August 1956 825 NAS disbanded at RNAS Lee-on-Solent
6. May 1957 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Culdrose
29. April 1958 825 NAS disbanded at RNAS Culdrose
16. August 1960 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Culdrose
2. April 1962 825 NAS disbanded at RNAY Fleetlands
7. May 1982 825 NAS reformed at RNAS Culdrose
17. September 1982 825 NAS disbanded at RNAS Yeovilton

10. October 2014

825 NAS reformed at RNAS Yeovilton
  Jul 1936 - Nov 1941
Swordfish I
  Jan 1942 - Jun 1944
Swordfish I & II


  Jun 1944 - Apr 1945
Swordfish III


  Aug 1943 - Sep 1944
Sea Hurricane IIc


  Nov 1944 - Apr 1945
Wildcat VI


  Jul 1945 - 19??
Barracuda II


  19?? - 19??
  1951 - 19??
Firefly FR.5
  Aug. 1960 - Apr. 1962
Whirlwind HAS.7


May 1982 - Sep. 1982
Sea King HAS.2


Oct. 2014 - today
Wildcat HMA.2
825 NAS Deployments 
825 NAS Commanding Officers 


On the outbreak of war, this torpedo spotter reconnaissance Swordfish squadron embarked from Dekheila, Egypt to HMS Glorious in search of enemy shipping in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea.
The ship returned to the Mediterranean in January 1940, the squadron operating from Hal Far, Malta until March 1940 when the ship was recalled for the defence of Norway. The squadron disembarked at Prestwick. HMS Glorious was sunk by the German battleships Gneisenau and Scharnhorst on 8 June 1940, and the squadron operated from Worthy Down, Detling and RAF Thorney Island in operations against the advancing German forces in the Low countries and France. Eight of the 12 aircraft were lost during the Dunkirk evacuations including the CO L/C JB Buckley RN, when 5 aircraft were lost in one bombing raid over France on 29 May 1940.
In July 1940 the remnants of the squadron were augmented to 9 aircraft and embarked on HMS Furious for operations in September including night attacks on Trondheim and Tromso. 
In February 1941 the squadron undertook convoy duties with HMS Furious to the Gold Coast, and in May 1941 the squadron joined HMS Victorious, taking part in the successful attack on the German Battleship Bismarck. The squadron swordfish sighted the Bismarck on 24 Amy 1941, and made its attack the following day on 25 May 1941, one hit reduced her speed. The Bismarck was crippled in a later strike by 810/818 squadrons on 26 May and sunk by the Fleet on 27 May 1941. 
From June 1941 the Squadron embarked on HMS Ark Royal for Malta convoy duties, and in September was involved in attacking targets in Pantellaria, Sardinia and Sicily. When HMS Ark Royal was torpedoed on 13 November 1941 the remnants of the squadron flew to Gibraltar and ceased to exist. 
In January 1942 the squadron was reformed at RNAS Lee-on-Solent with swordfish for torpedo bomber reconnaissance duties, 6 aircraft attacking the German battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau from Manston in the English Channel, no hits were achieved and all the aircraft were lost. The CO, Lt Cdr E Esmonde was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross, and the 5 surviving crew members were also decorated.
The squadron regrouped at RNAS Lee-on-Solent in March 1942, 3 aircraft subsequently embarking on HMS Avenger for Arctic convoy duties to Russia during which 6 U-Boats were attacked, and U-Boat U-589 was sunk shared with HMS Onslow. The squadron then carrying out operations under 16th Group RAF Coastal Command from Thorney Island and Exeter.
From March 1943 the squadron embarked on HMS Furious for convoy duties to Iceland and sweeps off the Norwegian coast. In December 1943 the squadron embarked on HMS Vindex, with a fighter flight of 6 Sea Hurricane IICs and later also 3 Fulmars, for Atlantic convoys, sinking U-653 on 15 March 1944 and U-765 NAS on 6 May 1944. 
In August, the squadron now re-equipped with 12 Swordfish IIIs embarked on HMS Vindex for Arctic convoys to Russia, sinking U-354 on 22 August 1944, Sea Hurricanes damaging another the same day, and claiming a possible on 23 August 1944. The next day on 24 August U-344 was sunk jointly with the Fleet, and U-394 sunk on 2 September 1944.
In March 1945 the squadron embarked on HMS Campania, the Sea Hurricanes having been replaced by 8 Wildcat VIs, for further Arctic convoy duties. On return the Swordfish were absorbed by 815 squadron and the Wildcats continued in 825 until also absorbed in May 1945.

The squadron was reformed in July 1945 as a Canadian-manned squadron at Rattray intended to join the 19th Carrier Air Group in a Colossus-class carrier equipped with 12 Barracuda IIs with ASH radar. However the squadron was still at Rattray Head by VJ-Day. 825 NAS remained as part of the Royal Navy until it was transferred to the RCN in January 1946 upon the commissioning of HMCS Warrior. It was later renumbered to 880 Squadron (RCN) in May 1951 and the 825 designation returned to the Royal Navy.

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825 Naval Air Squadron was reformed as the Royal Navy's first frontline Wildcat HMA.2 Squadron on 10 October 2014, with the merger of 700W NAS and 702 NAS. It will operate the first four Wildcat Flights to convert and deploy to sea on either a Type 45 destroyer or Type 23 frigate. It will deliver training to Lynx qualified and new aircrew on the Wildcat along with Air Engineers and will be responsible for continuing Lynx Wildcat Tactical Development, identifying and understanding the significant potential of the aircraft.



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