A Aermacchi - Avro  



  Aermacci MB-326 Aero L-39 Albatros Aero Commander Aeromarine 700



  Aeromarine AS- Aerospatiale Dauphin Aerospatiale Ecureuil Aichi E13A-



  Airbus A-300 Airbus A-310 Airbus A-319 Airbus A-320



  Airbus A-321 Airbus A-330 Airbus A-340 Airbus A-380



  Airspeed Ambassador Airspeed Oxford Alenia G222 Antonov AN-2



  ATR 42 ATR 72 Aviation Trades ATL-98 Carvair Aviatic C-1



  Avro Ashton Avro Lancaster Avro Sea Tutor Avro 748



  Avro RJ-85 RJ-100      


last update 1. July 2023

written  1. July 2018


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