Aircraft of the world (Airliners)


The World of Airliners I had actually always overlooked. Not that it would have been lacking in airports visits - no, quite contrary. With my father I went often to the old airport Basel-Mulhouse to watch the planes. On the old airfield, with its distinctive wooden barracks it was beautiful to get very close to the aircraft. Only the about 1 meter high fence, separated the tarmac from the spectators The wind from the propellers were blowing over us and the nearby trees to protected us from the sun. The airport at Basel was really ideal, but just at this time I was interested only in military aircraft.

Andy Herzog on the other hand, has opted for civil aviation and can clearly explain to me every airliner. Since his time as a Stewart - today we would say to a flight attendant - with the SATA he is is infected with the virus of the airliners. This infection was made by his father who was a director of the SATA. Like any virus is also transmitted further - so it's no surprise that his daughter now is a flight attendant with a Swiss airline.  

Andy Herzog will be presented in this column some individual airlines. I'm already looking forward for his detailed descriptions and reports.

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