Air Forces of the World

Luftwaffe .
1933 - 1945
German Roundels
1933 - 1945 1940 - 1945



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Heinkel He-280 (1941)

Heinkel He-280 (1942)

Fokker D VII



  Sack AS Bristol Blenheim Nakajima E8N



GER-DC-2-01.png (62964 Byte) At least one Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV was captured by the Germans in 1940 in France. It was enlisted in the Luftwaffe and used for research purposes in 1940-1942. It wore the codes 5 + 5. The Nakajima E8N floatplane was painted in British markings for service aboard the German commerce raiding ship the 'Orion' which operated in the Pacific and was based in Singapore during 1942-1943. It replaced the Arado Ar-196 originally carried aboard the ship because of its greater range.
  Douglas DC-2  


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