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Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz  
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Military Factory www.militaryfactory.com 20.11.2013
Aircraft Picture Gallery www.militaryaircraft.de 20.11.2013
British Columbia’s Aviation History http://www.kanetix.ca/bc-aviation-history 20.11.2013
Earth Station  
May 1940
Earth Station
Navy History
Photo Galerie of WW 2
The Warbird's Forum

Europa (ETO MTO)

WW II in Color   2.7.2008
1939-1945   2.7.2008
World War II Multimedia Database
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Frankreich 1940 2.7.2008

Pacific (CBI / PTO)

Bridge over the River Kwai
Carrier Battles in the Pacific
Death Railway  
East Asian Air Forces 1940   1.7.2009
Far Eastern Heroes   1.7.2009
Frankreich 1940  
Naval Air War In the Pacific  
The Pacific War  
Brown-Shoe Navy
World War II Cruiser Operations
World War II Warship Photos
U.S. Marine Corps- War in the Pacific

Korea 1950 - 1953

Air War over Korea    

Kuba 1962

Kuba Krise 1962


The Vietnam Center and Archive  
Ravens (Laos)  
Air America  
Alliierte in Vietnam  
Cessna Bird Dog Assocation  
Cessna A-37  
CIA Air Operations in Laos
The CIA’s Airlines
The Delta Dragon (Can Tho Airfield)
EC-47 History Site
Far From Glory
RTAFB Nam Phong
Thailand Laos Cambodia Brotherhood
Vietnam War
VNAF (Vietnam)
Karten von South East Asia
Dien Bien Phu

Falkland 1982

Battles of the Falklands Conflict  
Britain's Small Wars  

Gulf War

Stop the War Coalition  
Anti War  
Fahrenheit 911  


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